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One question that you might probably ask is who I am and what my (academic) background is. Here's a short summary.

I completed my primary and secondary education in a neighbourhood school. While I qualified for the Express Stream, my PSLE results wasn't exactly that fantastic. It didn't even put me into the top 10% of the cohort.

My 'O' levels results were slightly above average, with an aggregate of 10 points for my 6 best subjects. The results were sufficient to get me into a Junior College that I wanted.

If you look at my exam results till my 'O' levels, you can say that I was certainly never considered as one of the top students.

Well, you might be surprised to know that I got straight 'A's for my four 'A' levels subjects. Not to mention two 'S' paper distinctions.

Those results were good enough to land me a government scholarship for a local undergraduate degree. In fact, it should probably have gotten me a scholarship to an overseas degree, as I know of friends who did with similar or even worse results. I suppose I didn't do too well in the scholarship interviews.

Nevertheless, I completed my local degree and even spent one year after I got my basic degree to complete my Master's degree.

Throughout my school life, I had always been active in sports and other non-academic activities. I believe it's important for you to let your child do the same.

I'm always thankful for being born in the right place and at the right time. As a member of Mensa Singapore, I have been blessed with having an IQ in the top 2% of the population.

Some people say that being clever can be both a boom and a bane. After all, there's just a fine line between a genius and insanity (I can share with you a story or two if you are interested).

When I look at what mankind has accomplished, I don't really think I'm that intelligent at all. There's just so many things to learn and it's funny how our time never seems to be sufficient.

Time is one of our most precious things and I appreciate you spending your time reading about me.

That's all I have about me; just a typical Singaporean guy who has gone through "the educational system" and am now caught in the "middle-class" income squeeze.

I welcome any comments that you might have. Thank you.

Ben Lee

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